Why Do I Sing

I sing because it is the one activity in which my body, mind and spirit unite in a creative fashion. In my life, the dual objective of art- self-expression and communication- is realized most effectively in the act of singing- specifically, jazz singing.

On an external instrument, such as saxophone or piano, one has visual and tactical points of reference to lead them to the next sound. No such advantage is afforded the singer, who must feel each note before it is sung, while sorting through the many options- tone, attack, vibrato, volume, dialect and others- to achieve the desired effect.

I enjoy the act of sharing ideas and feelings, powered by breath.
I enjoy the act of evoking images and emotions through sounds (and words, yes, but often only sounds).

I love the collective improvisation found in acoustic jazz, when we share the duties of establishing rhythm and harmony, when form becomes elastic and every solo is never really solo, with all the input coming from the other players- supporting, then leading; responding but also suggesting. The understanding that what was just played could never- should never- be played exactly that way ever again challenges me to allow new ideas to come through me each time we perform a standard or one of my songs or the blues.

Singing is the manner in which I touch the world, the manner in which I express how the world has touched me.