Why Do I Sing

I sing because it is the one activity in which my body, mind and spirit unite in a creative fashion. In my life, the dual objective of art- self-expression and […]

Building Jazz Communities

There was a posting online that lamented a local jazz scene, of which I’m personally familiar. While the complaints were valid ones, the proposed solution didn’t convince me. I had […]

What Makes a Singer

Songs Old and New I’d like to know if there is a preference for the standards from the 40’s and 50’s like ‘The man I love’ and ‘Tenderly’ as opposed […]

Collective Improvisation

I was listening to Oscar Peterson’s rendition of “You Stepped Out of a Dream” (which I have been unable to find on YouTube, sadly) from his album Tristeza on Piano, […]

Louis & Billie

Anonymous asked: <<I’ve just attended a jazz music class. The teacher gave us this question: “What is the difference between the styles of Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday?” I’m making […]

Whites in Jazz

frail asked this question on 7/22/2000: Are there any Black Americans willing to give me some opinions about white people in jazz?   Scotty Write gave this response on 7/24/2000: […]